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Sergei Popov

Professor of Near Fields Optics

Modern society’s development and wellbeing are greatly dependent upon high-tech industries. The subject of information and communication technology (ICT) is very important to these industries. Throughout the last few decades, the progress within optics and photonics has pushed the development within ICT, which has led to a dramatic increase of information capacity and transfer speed.

Sergei Popov’s research focuses on the application of optics and photonics within ICT. His research includes solutions for communication at super-high speeds by using optical nets. The work includes studies of ultra-small photonics components that can manage such a fast and tight transfer of information. In simpler terms, it involves the ability to stream hour-long, HD videos in a few seconds, or to mediate video conferences with several participants without noticeable delay. These communication speeds are mediated via optical components that are smaller than the wavelength of light, i.e. only fractions of a micrometre. The combination of these very different scales in time and space requires a broad technical experience, and high scientific curiosity. This is what makes this research so exciting and sought-after by industries that develop modern technology.

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