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Sofia Ritzén

Professor of Integrated Product Development

Sweden is good at developing new technologies, which occurs in a knowledge intensive and complex process. However, the process does not always lead to an innovation, and that is where the subject of integrated product development comes into play. Integrated product development involves exactly how one organises and manages the people with different functions, skills, and roles that are needed to participate in the development process; players who together, and at the appointed time, must deliver a system of products and services that meet the various requirements and create value.

Sofia Ritzén’s research focuses on how industrial companies create the ability to deliver breakthrough innovations that challenge conventional processes and management tools. Other questions relating to how innovations, that are not only guided by financial gain but also by ecological and social sustainable development, will be put into use in manufacturing companies. Moreover, the research involves how companies can convert to a circular economy and how, with the right management and organisational structures, one can overcome obstacles in order to integrate business development with sustainable development. Research occurs in close collaboration with private and public organisations.

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