Frank Niklaus

Professor in Micromanufacturing

Photo: Jann Lipka

Frank Niklaus was installed as professor November 15, 2013 at City Hall. Here you can see his presentation film and read about his research.
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About Frank Niklaus research:

Microsensors are vital components in many consumer, industrial and medical products – such as motion control in mobile phones, airbag systems in cars, and hearing aids. However, these types of product are difficult to manufacture and complicated integrated circuits manufacturing technologies are often employed that are far from ideal for many emerging micro and nano products.

In our research we explore flexible micro and nano-manufacturing technologies that are adapted to the typical production volumes and varieties of device for industrial and medical applications. The research focuses on flexible techniques for the manufacture of application-specific micro and nano devices, without the need for advanced and expensive semiconductor laboratories.

The research and teaching helps Swedish and European industry to develop sustainable and competitive micro and nano-manufacturing strategies. It also supports the development of high-value products and systems that are enabled by emerging application-specific micro components.

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