KTH Campus celebrates its 100th anniversary

Join us in celebrating the centenary of KTH Campus, either with your own activity or by taking part in the exciting festivities that are planned!

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Would you like to be one of the speakers at the Seminar Marathon, or would you like to suggest a colleague or a student?

In 1917, KTH moved into its newly-built campus on Valhallavägen. Hundred years later, we are paying tribute to the place where so much research and education, and so many collaborations have been developed.

Throughout the year the whole organization and our external collaborators are encouraged to join in the celebration in marking the 100th anniversary with a series of activities.  A major jubilee event is planned for October.

Jubilee event

On October 17, we will launch a 50-hour long seminar marathon; featuring 100 speakers, it will carry on day and night. The seminar marathon will finish on October 19, the exact 100th anniversary of the KTH campus inauguration. Over these three days we will look back at KTH’s history, focusing on development and looking towards the future.

We will pay tribute to our campus by sharing some of the research, education and collaborations that have been developed here over the past hundred years, and how this has contributed to the development of society. Employees, students, alumni, neighbours, friends and the general public are all welcome to join our celebrations.

As well as the seminar marathon, a number of activities such as public lectures, art exhibitions and open house events have been planned for that same week in October. These events will shine a light on the many and varied operations at KTH Campus, in a joint celebration that is open to all.

More information on the Seminar Marathon

Start time: 12:00 noon, October 17
Finish: 14.00, October 19
Location: Dome of Visions
Overall running time: 50 hours
Duration of each seminar: 20 minutes
Total number of speakers: 100

How will you celebrate?

Would you like to arrange your own activity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of KTH Campus?

Please contact the project team campus100@kth.se  so we can support your activity and include it in the programme.

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