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Time frame


June - December

14/6 - The President decides on the overall plan (programme directive) for how the merger of the support services is to be carried out

Preparatory work to enable the new organisation

In-depth mapping and analyzes of support areas as a basis for continued work

Ocotber - November

The President decides on KTH's business plan for 2023-2025

The University Director decides on the business plan and budget 2023-2025 for the support services at KTH


An action plan has been prepared for the work during January 2023 - September 2026

2023 - 2026

January 2023

1/1 - The new organisation Support Services (VS) will come into effect

Continued development of support areas - continuously, in parallel and gradually

September 2026

30/9 - The programme for a joint and coordinated support services ends

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