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Developing KTH-interactions with and in the U.S.

In spring 2022 a delegation from KTH, led by President Sigbritt Karlsson will travel to the U.S. The trip is a part of a long-term investment, continuing over the course of four years, focused on strengthening international collaborations and the KTH brand.

The tour is a collaboration between KTH, the City of Stockholm and The Swedish Embassy in Washington.

The purpose this investment is to:

  • Strengthen the KTH brand by increasing its visibility through collaborations with the embassy, and consulate general and participation in different conferences and networks.
  • Encourage and support research collaborations and partnerships between academia, government and industry.
  • Exemplify KTH as an attractive alternative to prominent researchers, teachers and students.

The tour will begin with an event in Washington focused on how collaboration between academia, government and industry can help solve societal challenges.

In Washington KTH will showcase the following innovation and research areas:

The programme also includes a keynote session from Dr. Panchanathan, Director NSF.

Following the event in Washington the delegation will divide into smaller groups and visit the below destinations.

  • New York – A visit to Cornell, NYU, Columbia and SACC-NY is on the agenda as well as a smaller event at the consulate general with among others KTH alumni.
  • MIT
  • Purdue University
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • University of Maryland

The agenda at the different universities differs slightly dependant on how KTH is currently collaborating with them. Generally though, the visits will focus on deepening education and research collaboration, strategic partnerships, branding and communication, ranking and the quality of education, digitization of education, future forms of education and finally, innovation, diversity and sustainability.

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