Management review

Management review of the environmental management system is conducted at least once per year. At this meeting top management reviews how well the environmental management system works and makes decisions for improvements including for example the need for changes and resources.

In 2014, the management review is planned to be conducted in September and October. The review of the system will be conducted by KTH's top management (including the president) and the schools/UF's management teams (with the Dean of School/university director).

What does ISO14001 say?

Management review
Top management shall review the environmental management system at least once a year to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The evaluation shall identify opportunities for improvement and necessary changes.

 Input to management review shall include:
• Results of internal audits
• Fulfillment of legal and other requirements
• Fulfilment of environmental objectives and targets
• Complaints, questions, reactions from stakeholders

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