Environmental training for Employees

KTH employees, and those working on assignments for KTH, should have the appropriate knowledge needed to perform their duties in a manner consistent with KTH's work with the environment and sustainable development.

All employees shall have a basic knowledge and understanding of KTH´s environmental work and significant environmental aspects, and more specific training when required.

Environmental training (online)

The online environmental course is for all employees and provides basic knowledge about KTH’s work with the environment and sustainable development. You can take the course at your computer using headphones (use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer if possible). The course is divided into two modules:
 - Part 1 An environmentally certified KTH describes KTH’s environmental and sustainability work and how you as an employee can contribute. Time of study: 20 minutes.
 - Part 2 Environment and Sustainable Development  introduction to sustainability and how the environment, economy and social issues are interrelated. Time of study: 30 minutes

To complete the course please click on the pink link to your school/
university administration below.

Chemical legislation and practical applications in labs
Register now for a basic training course on chemical legislation and the practical application in labs and will address environmental and work environment requirements.. The course is 2.5 hours and includes: law, examples, discussions and support systems and procedures at KTH. The training is intended for those working in labs and provides a clear insight into regulatory environment and daily management of chemicals at KTH.

October 27th Swedish - see page in Swedish

KLARA risk assessment

To teach how to perform risk assessments in order to enhance chemical safety in laboratory work. What risks may you be exposed for in your work with chemicals? Why should you perform risk assessments? How is a risk assessment performed in KLARA? These and other important questions will be answered by this course.

Inventory of chemicals in KLARA

In this course you will receive information about how to use the chemical inventory tool in KLARA. The inventory course is open for new and old inventory takers.The course address for example: how to reduce the risk for error, how to develop chemical lists, search for chemicals in need of permits for use, legislation and documentation of chemicals.

Environmental management at KTH and ISO14001

1 hour training, contact the environmental group kth-miljo@kth.se

LH215V - Learning for Sustainable Development

The general aim of the course is that teachers, based on their own subject, should be able to integrate questions on sustainable development in their teaching so that the students, during and after their education include their integrated knowledge and reflections in the subject sustainable development. Prerequisite LH201V. No charge for employees at KTH.

Registration form

What does ISO14001 say?

Competence, training and awareness

All persons performing tasks for or on behalf of KTH shall be aware of KTH´s environmental policy and environmental management system as well as the environmental aspects related to our activities. Persons performing tasks that have the potential to impact significant environmental aspects shall have appropriate competence. Training needs must be identified and appropriate training provided.

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