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News from KTH Sustainability Office MARCH 2021

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News from KTH Sustainability Office

MARCH 2021

  • Webinar: New sustainability objectives for KTH, 14 Apr
  • Workshop: Improve your FORMAS application, 24 Mar
  • PriU group meeting: Sustainability in education workshop 
  • Webinar - Swedish Climate Policy Council: the impact of the pandemic on the ability to achieve climate goals, 8 Apri
  • Network event: AI in the service of climate, 13 Apr
  • Mistra SAMS Resultatkonferens, 16 April
  • External environmental re-certification Audit, 19-22 Apr
  • Experimentation with Circular Service Business Models, 19 April
  • All KTH programmes to include equality and diversity
  • Courses for doctoral students with sustainability focus
  • IVA’s 100 List 2021 – call for research in engineering

Webinar: KTH's new sustainability goals in everyday life: what should we do?

Welcome to the start of a series of webinars on how we can together take the next steps for sustainable development at KTH.

KTH's employees, students and collaboration partners interact and collaborate daily basis for a sustainable future. Every day many decisions are made where sustainability should be an important foundation. How we travel, what we buy and not least what we teach and conduct research about is important for how we promote sustainability both at KTH and in society.

Our university wide sustainability objectives and climate objectives with associated action plans show us the way forward. They are the tools that ensure that what we do is effective and that our progress can be measured, evaluated and developed.

Welcome! The webinar will be given first in English (12:00) and then again in Swedish (13:00)

  1. English 12.00-12:45 14 April
  2. Swedish 13:00- 13:45, 14 April
Please register here

Workshop: Improve your Formas application, 24 Mars  

  Welcome to a hands-on workshop for improving the criteria for societal relevance in the Formas Open Call 2021. Researchers from KTH, who have been successful in previous calls, will present how to best tackle the criteria for societal relevance with focus on the communication with stakeholders and users.

Time: March 24 10.00 – 12.00
More information here

PRiU group meeting; Sustainability in education workshop

  Welcome to a workshop on teaching teams and the CDIO standard for sustainable development and programme analysis.

Time: March 24, 13:15–15:00
Workshop on sustainability in education

Webinar - Swedish Climate Policy Council: the impact of the pandemic on the ability to achieve climate goals, 8 April

The Swedish Climate Policy Council is an independent interdisciplinary expert group who evaluates whether the government's overall policy leads to the goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. The Swedish Climate Policy Council presents an annual report that follows up and evaluates the government's climate policy. Cecilia Hermansson, researcher at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, is the Vice President of the council since 1 January this year. On April 8, she presents the main features of this year's report and provides an opportunity for discussion.

The presentation will be in Swedish.
Thu 2021-04-08 at 15.00 - 16.00
Speaker: Cecilia Hermansson
Plats: Zoom (link sent after registration)

More info (in Swedish):

Network event: AI in the service of climate, 13 Apr

Welcome to a network event to share ideas and meet partners for applying to the Vinnova call AI in the service of climate. This joint effort by Vinnova and Formas requires industrial partners in the consortium.

This call is aimed at projects which employ artificial intelligence (AI) to contribute towards Sweden's goal of having no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045; or generally, to adapt to the varying conditions due to climate change.

Both researchers at KTH and external partners are welcome. Participants need to provide a project idea, a short description about her/his own expertise and what partner she/he is looking for in order to apply. This is done as part of the registration. More information and registration here

Mistra SAMS Resultatkonferens, 16 April

Mistra SAMS är ett forskningprogram som studerar digitala tjänster för tillgänglighet och rörlighet, för att förstå deras potential att förändra samhället och bidra till hållbarhet.

Programmet har precis avslutat sin första programperiod och bjuder på en dag med presentationer av forskningsresultat, diskussioner kring hållbara och digitala mobilitetstjänster och högaktuella samhällsutmaningar.

Träffa forskare och partner från akademi och näringsliv samt planerare och politiker från lokal regional och nationell nivå!

Se hela programmet här.

External environmental re-certification Audit, 19-22 April

In April a re-certification audit will be conducted which shall cover the entire KTH. The purpose is to assess how well the environmental management system is integrated and performing and progressing at KTH. Audits are conducted annually while re-certification audits are every third year. Previous certification audits have been in 2015 and 2018.

KTH Sustainability Office is coordinating the audit together with the certification body Qualify and leadership at KTH to identify which functions and parts of KTH will participate. The 2021 re-certification audit will focus on: changes in processes and routines, leadership engagement, campuses and specific departments at KTH schools and GVS.

All KTH programmes to include equality and diversity

Gender equality and diversity in technology will have been introduced into the curriculum of 50 mandatory courses at all levels by the beginning of the 2021 autumn term, the KTH Equality Office reports.

  All KTH programmes to include equality and diversity Read Anna Wahl's blogg (swe) - Why gender equality and sustainability are linked  

Experimentation with Circular Service Business Models, 21 April

Preliminary results from the Circular X project (

CE@KTH is delighted to invite you to attend the webinar with Prof. Dr Nancy Bocken on 'Experimentation with Circular Service Business Models'. Nancy Bocken is a Professor in Sustainable Business at Maastricht Sustainability Institute, Maastricht University. She is also a visiting professor at Lund University, Sweden and LUT University Finland, and a Fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

More information and registration here

Interested in CE@KTH? Here is a link to more webinars

Courses for doctoral students with a sustainability focus

Sustainability Perspectives for Assessing and Designing Research, Projects and Policies (6.0 credits), 2021

This course is open for participation for Doctoral students whose PhD topic broadly fits in one of the following categories:

  Sustainable Development theory, Social justice and gender equality, Industrial transitions and sustainability transitions, Energy systems and technology, Climate change theory and impacts, Sustainable transport systems, Sustainable production and consumption, circular economy, Economic and sustainable development, Artificial Intelligence

More information and registration here: Deadline for registration, 25th of March 2021, for the edition given in P4 2020-2021

Circular Economy and Industrial Systems (7.5 Credits), 2021
The aim of the PhD course is to
  • Provide conceptual frameworks necessary to understand the foundations of the circular economy paradigm
  • Give insights into current industry trends regarding CE
  • Provide methods and tools for the implementation of CE in practice
  • Provide the policy rationale for CE
  The PhD course is designed by the Circular Economy initiative at KTH (CE@KTH) and is being offered annually since 2018. Faculty members from 8 departments and 3 schools at KTH are involved in teaching the course and supervising the student projects/assignments.
More information and course here registration here .Deadline for the course registration is March 31, 2021.  

IVA’s 100 List 2021 – call for research in engineering

IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences) calls for research in engineering and economic sciences focused on sustainable preparedness for future crises to go on its 100 List 2021.

  IVA’s 100 List 2021

Don't miss this!  

24 March SÖKES: deltagare i workshop – samskapa ett lärspel om bioekonomi och hållbart mode
25 March The Climate Collage Workshop X KTH Biblioteket

26 March En ny klimatagenda för Sverige

26 March Wastewater treatment from pharmaceutical substances with filamentous fungi

26 March Webinarium för doktorander: Synliggör din forskning

26 March Hur kan Stockholm välkomna fler bilfria familjer?

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Apply now!

Doctoral student in Urban and Regional Studies

Pedagogisk utvecklare inom biologi vid Vetenskapens Hus

Doctoral st. Sustainability assessm. methods for process chains for seafood

Researcher in Nuclear Power Safety

Doctoral student in History of Media and Environment

Doctoral student in Energy System Modelling and European Climate Neutrality

Doctoral student in machine learning and simulation for health systems

Doctoral student in Circular Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage

Mentor åt studenter med funktionsnedsättning

More open positions here


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  • "Vill driva tågen på Kinnekullebanan med vätgas" (
  • "Sustainable Energy Solutions jobbat mot positiv ebitda länge - vd" (
  • "Studie: Unga kvinnor mer otrygga på bussen" (
  • "Studie: Kvinnor når större framgångar inom crowdfunding" (

    More news here

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