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Management of Chemicals

Overall objectives 2016-2020: 

  • KTH shall increase knowledge of and create conditions for an effective management of chemicals from safety, environmental and health perspectives.

Further improvements shall be made in all areas of chemicals management. All who use chemicals shall have correct information and knowledge of how to handle chemicals from a safety, environmental and health perspective. New tools for the chemicals management shall be introduced in more places and additional specialized courses will be held. Quantities of purchased chemicals will be followed-up and the quality of risk assessments will be improved. Emissions of hazardous substances into air and water shall be examined and reduced where deemed relevant.


Chemicals are used extensively in education and research at KTH. Over 13 000 different chemicals are used. In the work with reaching the environmental goals, work has included focused chemicals audits, procedures concerning for example risk assessment have been introduced, a number of trainings have been carried out and new tools for chemical management tested.


Follow-up of chemical management is conducted through annual inventory of chemicals in KTH's chemical management system (KLARA), total annual use of solvents and flammable goods, conducted risk assessments, records of staff training and through the internal environmental audits.

Responsible for follow-up: KTH Sustainability Office

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