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Organisation and management

Overall objectives 2016-2020: 

  • Environmental and sustainability issues shall be integrated into regular activities and operations and be included in all relevant processes, plans and decisions.

Relevant processes, plans and decisions where environmental and sustainable development issues should be included shall be identified and the perspective increasingly integrated during the objective period. The environmental management system shall be integrated into regular activities, operations and governance. Sustainable development objectives shall be integrated in KTH's Strategic plan and other strategic documents. At the school level, KTH’s environmental work shall be integrated into development plans and operational plans and other relevant documents.


KTH began implementation of the environmental management system in 2011 when the KTH environmental group / KTH Sustainability Office was formed under the university administration's Department for Building and Environment. The Environmental group / KTH Sustainability Office has been overall responsible for the environmental work and has together with KTH Schools and their environmental representatives carried out the implementation of the environmental management system. The schools have implemented the environmental management system locally with help from environmentally representatives and school management.


Integration of the environmental management system is monitored at central and school level through internal environmental audits and the management review.

New indicators for monitoring/ follow-up may also be relevant.

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