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Objectives 2016-2020: 

Action plan Travel

Action plan for steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from KTH’s business travel and commuting

The action plan describes measures, those responsible for implementing the measures, deadlines for implementation, how the measures are to be communicated and what resources are needed to implement the measures.

  • Achieve a 20% percent reduction in carbon emissions resulting from business travel per full-time employee equivalent.
  • KTH shall increase knowledge of and create conditions for IT solutions for travel free meetings.

Carbon dioxide emissions from travel shall continue to decline. The need to travel shall always be evaluated and digital forms of meetings shall replace physical travel as often as possible. Train travel shall replace short-haul flights under 500 km. Taxi and car rental shall be used sparingly and the use of environmentally classified cars and car-pooling is encouraged. Equipment for digital meeting forms such as videoconferences and teleconferences will be easily accessible and the employee’s knowledge about different solutions should be increased through training. Effective and functional support will be available for digital meetings. The possibilities to introduce carbon offsetting or internal taxation shall be investigated.


KTH employees generate large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions through travel, especially business travel by air. KTH is among the top five public authorities in Sweden when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions from long flights. As a part of KTH’s environmental work, new guidelines for meetings and travel have been developed which clarify environmental aspects of travel and statistics have been improved. In 2014 carbon dioxide emissions from travel had fallen by about 17% and train travels had increased by 10% compared with 2012.


Monitoring of business travel carbon dioxide emissions is based on statistics provided by KTH’s travel agency (incl. flight, train, taxi, rental car) and from the payroll system (mileage). Follow-up of travel free meetings is conducted using documentation of the use of meeting systems and completed training courses, as well as qualitatively.

Responsible for follow-up: KTH Sustainability Office, KTH’s travel manager and KTH’s IT department.

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