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Purchasing and Procurement

Overall objectives 2016-2020: 

  • Sustainability requirements shall be made in all procurements, calls and purchases, where possible. Sustainability requirements shall be continuously evaluated and developed.

KTH shall establish and develop sustainability requirements for procurement, suborders and purchasing. The number of procurements in which sustainability requirements are made shall increase and the requirements shall be continuously developed. Knowledge of requirements for sustainable procurement, suborders and purchases will be improved through training.


KTH is a major consumer of goods and services. By setting environmental and sustainability requirements in procurements at KTH, better purchasing decisions can be made. KTH’s work with the environmental management system has included the development of new procedures for procurement both centrally and at individual schools. KTH Sustainability Office has been involved in formulating environmental requirements. The number of procurements with environmental requirements increased from 2012 to 2014, both in number and value.


Follow-up of sustainability requirements in procurement will be conducted using statistics and information on the number of completed procurements and purchases including the economic value of these. A qualitative assessment of the sustainability requirements in procurements shall also be conducted.

Responsible for follow-up: KTH Sustainability Office, Procurement Group

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