Review of the KTH school organization

The President is planning the integration of KTH's schools. In the Spring, two working groups will develop proposals for the integration. On this page you will find information and the timetable, along with the President’s decision.

Review of operational support and the President´s decisions

At the end of October 2017, the President of KTH, Sigbritt Karlsson decided that a review of the University Administration and operational support at KTH should be made. Here is the final report and decisions from the working group. The report and the decisions is only available in Swedish.

Read the report and the President´s decisions in Swedish here

Working groups

One working group will develop proposals for the integration of the School of Biotechnology, School of Chemical Science and Engineering and the School of Technology and Health. Chair of the group: Dean Amelie Eriksson Karlström, School of Biotechnology

The reports are only available in Swedish, you can find them here

The second working group will develop proposals for the integration of the School of Computer Science and Communication, School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Information and Communication Technology. Chair of the group: Dean Jens Zander, School of Information and Communication Technology

A proposal for a future organization for the School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science will be made. The Dean of School reports to the President.

Proposals for integration will be submitted by the two working groups. The working groups should have representation from the following groups:

  • Faculty Council (appointed by the Faculty Council)
  • administrative staff (appointed by head of administration)
  • teachers/researchers (appointed by dean of school)
  • unions (appointed by the unions)
  • safety representative (appointed by "huvudskyddsombudsgruppen")
  • students at the undergraduate/graduate and research level (appointed by THS)

General timetable

2017-05-31 First report to the President
After summer Work to appoint new deans of schools begin
2017-09-15 Final report to the President
After final report Implementation work begins
2018-01-01 New school organization and installation of new deans of schools
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