Operational Support for ‘One KTH’

In the autumn of 2017, the President decided to implement a review of management and operational support for education and research, with ‘One KTH’ as a starting point. Regardless of where in the organisation one is active, equal and standardised operational support is essential to fostering a sense of ‘One KTH’ among students and employees.

Following the publication of the final report, the President decided to implement an organisational change of the existing university administration. Among other things, this led to the creation of the new organisational name ‘gemensamt verksamhetsstöd’ in Swedish (‘Joint operational support’, however still officially named ‘university administration’ in English).

The President has now instructed a steering group to proceed with the examination and submission of proposals on how to create KTH-wide processes and how to bring together functions for operational support in various parts of the organisation into a joint operational support that involves a cohesive organisation for all of KTH.

The starting points for the work shall be:

  • that processes and working methods must be uniform across all of KTH - ‘One KTH’.
  • that the investigation must be based on a scholastic perspective, and must particularly consider the changes in needs and opportunities that have arisen since KTH’s reorganisation into fewer and generally larger schools ( a change which was implemented on January 1, 2018).
  • that the need for administrative support in other activities which lack a clear organisation residence is also taken into account.
  • that the efficiency of KTH's overall operational support and administration (and its parts) increase.

The steering group is currently working to define working groups and their assignments.

The steering group consists of:

  • Muriel Beser Hugosson, Head of School, ABE (convenor)
  • Mikael Lindström, Head of School, CBH
  • Jens Zander, Head of School, EECS
  • Jan Wikander, Head of School, ITM
  • Leif Kari, Head of School, SCI/Vice President for Education
  • Katja Grillner, Dean
  • Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration, ABE
  • Christina Zander, Head of Administration, EECS
  • Susanne Odung, Finance Manager GVS/FO
  • Hans Wohlfarth, Head of IT, GVS/IT
  • Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel, GVS/HR
  • Katarina Jonsson Berglund, Head of Department, GVS/EDO
  • Anders Johansson, Advisor to the President, RK (Head Secretary)
  • Reine Bergström, representative for employee organisations
  • Erik Edstam, representative for employee organisations
  • Elisabet Lövkvist, student representative

Kjell Carli, GVS/CBL (adjunct)

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