Working groups for the review of the KTH school organization

Proposals for integration will be submitted by the two working groups. The working groups have representation from Faculty Council, administrative staff, teachers/researchers, unions, safety representative, students at the undergraduate/graduate and research level.

Working group BIO/CHE/STH

Amelie Eriksson Karlström, chair, BIO
Mikael Lindström, representative teachers/researchers, CHE
Hans Hebert, representative teachers/researchers, STH
Inger Åhlén, representative administrative staff, BIO
Marie Larsson, representative administrative staff, CHE
Marja Mutikainen, representative administrative staff, STH
Erik Edstam, ST trade union
Reine Bergström, Saco-S trade union
Catharina Silfverbrand Lindh, safety representative, CHE
Anna-Karin Tornberg, faculty council representative
Anders Johansson, President’s investigator
Karin Eliasson, UF/HR
Kjell Carli, UF/Communications office

Student representatives:

Jonathan Edin, undergraduate/graduate level
Maria Jönsson, post graduate level
Simon Edström, THS student union

Working group CSC/EES/ICT

Jens Zander, chair, ICT
Ann Lantz, representative teachers/researchers, CSC (from. 2017-06-22)
Lars Nordström, representative teachers/researchers, EES (from. 2017-06-22)
Christina Zander, representative administrative staff, ICT
Christelle Bourquin, representative administrative staff, EES
Mattias Wiggberg, representative administrative staff, CSC
Hans Edin, Saco-S trade union
Eva Pettersson, ST trade union
Per Wehlin, safety representative, ICT
Mats Engwall, faculty council representative
Anders Johansson, President’s investigator
Eva-Lill Tagesson UF/HR
Åsa Ankarcrona, UF/Communications office

Student representatives:

Ludvig Kinberg, undergraduate/graduate level
Tage Mohammadat, post graduate level
Elisabet Lövkvist, THS student union

Working group ECE

Lena Gumaelius, chair, Dean of ECE.
Lars Geschwind, vice dean
Martha Cleveland-Innes, head of learning departement, ECE
Per Berglund, Vice Dean of Faculty
Anders Johansson, President’s investigator

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