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Election Regarding Faculty Members of the Faculty Council

New teachers’ representatives are to be elected for the period starting January 2024 through an election. The election is conducted electronically during the period 4-10 December 2023. Information about the election will be publicised within KTH on the intranet and sent by e-mail to those with voting rights.

Nomination of Candidates

All employees, students and affiliated to KTH had the opportunity to nominate candidates as teachers’ representatives during the period 14 September – 8 October 2023.

Eligible Candidates:

Those eligible for election are teachers with an appointment as professor or associate professor with a scope of at least 50 per cent of full-time.

Only those candidates who are proposed by the Election committee or are nominated during the nomination period and have accepted the nomination are eligible.

Nominees shall have accepted the nomination.

This is how the election to the Faculty Council works


A flowchart with important milestones

Election Committee

The Faculty Council has selected an Election Committee:

Eva Malmström Jonsson (CBH, chairperson)
Helena Mattson (ABE)
John Cantwell (ABE)
Ana Rusu (EECS)
Mats Engwall (ITM)
Sören Östlund (SCI)

THS has appointed a student representative to the nomination committee: Theo Ingenstam.

The Committee will, based on the nominations, propose seven candidates, including a Dean and Vice Dean.

Voting Rights

The following employees are included in the voters list:

  • indefinite appointment as professor, associate professor, lecturer or researcher who work at least 50 per cent of full-time
  • appointment as assistant professor who work at least 50 per cent of full-time
  • fixed-term appointment of at least two years as teacher on the basis of artistic merits who work at least 40 per cent of full-time.

The voters list for KTH will be established by the President during October 2023, after review of each school.

Presentation of Candidates

The Election Committee’s proposal and other valid nominations received will be publicized no later than 27 November 2023 on the KTH intranet. Information will also be sent out by e-mail to those with voting rights, no later than 27 November 2023.

Equality Between Women and Men

According to the Higher Education Act chapter 1 section 5 equality between women and men shall always be taken into account and promoted in the operations of higher education institutions.

The Election

Information about the procedure including a list of all candidates will be sent out by e-mail to those with voting rights, no later than 27 November 2023.

To be valid the ballot shall have any number of names marked or be blank, and be submitted via the internet-based ballot during the period 4-10 December 2023. A valid vote must contain at least one name. Each name on the ballot has equal value, regardless of placement on the ballot.

Election Result

The President of KTH confirms the election result when the votes have been counted electronically. Candidates with the highest number of votes will be appointed as teachers’ representatives.

The decision must state whether the election result gave an equal number of votes and how it has then been handled.

The head of school’s decision on determining the election results must be posted on KTH's intranet for three weeks.

The election cannot be declared invalid due to low turnout.


Any questions regarding the election should be directed to Åsa Gustafson, , tel + 46 (0)8-790 6955 or Anna Clara Stenvall, , tel +46(0)8-790 7203, University administration.

For more information on how the election to the Faculty Council is organised, please see the governance document Riktlinje om val av de sju ledamöter till fakultetsrådet som representerar lärare och forskare (only available in Swedish) on the webpage Övergripande styrning .

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