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Measures to minimise the spread of infection and if someone becomes ill

The content on this page is an excerpt from the action plan for the President's decision V-2020-0801 on conditions for education for the remainder of the autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021.

Measures to minimise the spread of infection during teaching and examination on campus

Measures to minimise the spread of infection shall be taken for all teaching and examination carried out on campus. The measures include that the number of students per room is significantly lower than normal, that the furniture is adapted for physical distance, that the premises are cleaned more often, that protective equipment relevant to the activity is available and used, that hand sanitizer is available and used, and that all participants assure that they are symptom-free. In case of written proctored campus exams, the entrances and exits are arranged so that distance can be kept, exam proctors sit behind plexiglass and wear visors, and teachers are available outside the hall to be able to answer any questions from the students.

If someone in the course becomes ill

KTH, in consultation with Infectious Disease Control (Smittskydd) Stockholm, has developed a recommendation for how teaching should proceed in case of infection. If it is known that students who have participated in campus-based teaching or have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, the courses the students are registered in should be transferred to 100% online teaching for a period of two weeks. This assessment will be made in consultation with the Vice-President for Education in consultation with the relevant Head of School.

Basis for the decision and action plan
International students and study abroad
Public defence of doctoral thesis
Measures to minimise the spread of infection and if someone becomes ill
Support for teachers