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Support for teachers

The content on this page is an excerpt from the action plan for the President's decision V-2020-0801 on conditions for education for the remainder of the autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021.

Support for digital education must be increased. In particular, the support for digital examinations. The five Schools and the University Administration (GVS) will consider what changes can be made to prioritize, redistribute resources and enable recruitment. The Special Workgroup for the Digitalisation of Education is tasked with coordinating the staff who are made available. The aim is for all of the Schools to have local operational support for the teachers of the Schools in and around the administration to use digital tools and systems to implement digital education. The local operational support personnels will also serve as a link to the central pedagogical, technical and administrative support for the digitalisation of education.

Basis for the decision and action plan
International students and study abroad
Public defence of doctoral thesis
Measures to minimise the spread of infection and if someone becomes ill
Support for teachers