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Basis for the decision and action plan

The content on this page is an excerpt from the action plan for the President's decision V-2020-0801 on conditions for education for the remainder of the autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021.

The initial values that have formed the basis for the President's decision and the committee's action plan are as follows:

  • KTH follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Government's directive to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection.
  • KTH believes that teachers, students, and other staff need a long-term decision on what applies throughout the entire spring semester 2021 to be able to plan teaching and studies.
  • KTH's education is not considered as public gathering or public events but is affected by the Government's position applying to society as a whole.
  • KTH's mission to conduct education and research is regarded as an essential activity in society. Therefore, since travel to and from the university by public transport is considered necessary, the advisory made by the Public Health Agency of Sweden against non-essential travel does not apply.
  • KTH's campus will remain open and students will have access to study spaces, libraries, and laboratory activities on all campuses.
  • In order to promote the mental well-being and learning of all students, KTH believes that all student groups should be given equal priority during the spring.
  • The current pandemic situation means that strict restrictions will be applied for the approval of proctored campus exams during the spring semester.

In order to maintain consistency and avoid ambiguity, the President’s decision and the First and Second Cycle Education Committee have a concrete action plan for the implementation and restrictions to the delivery of education due to COVID-19 which applies to all of KTH’s education activities. There will be no amendments made based on local decisions to tighten or ease the restrictions. If necessary, the President will make new decisions after consultation with the Coordination Group if amendments to ease or tighten the restrictions are needed.

Basis for the decision and action plan
International students and study abroad
Public defence of doctoral thesis
Measures to minimise the spread of infection and if someone becomes ill
Support for teachers