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Education during COVID-19 at KTH

Conditions for KTH's educational activities during the corona pandemic are published here.

11 February 2022

KTH's scenario "LOW" still applies after restrictions have been lifted

As of 9 February, the covid-related restrictions have ceased, and re-furnishing on campus will take place. Teaching and examination where students' learning and the opportunity to achieve intended learning objectives, which benefit from being implemented in the digital environment, continue to be implemented digitally. Apart from this, teaching and examination are to be carried out on campus.

KTH's scenarios for educational activities

14 January 2022

KTH's action plan for education for study period 3, 2022

The prerequisites for study period 3 (P3) are that KTH applies KTH's scenario “LOW” for education, which means that the campus is open, but now with infection controlled-adapted hall furniture (i.e. the same restrictions on teaching as in the beginning of the academic period 1, HT21). The students who have not been able to participate in the on-campus examination during the exam period for P2 should be referred to the re-examination period in Easter.

KTH's action plan for education for study period 3, 2022  

20 September 2021

Scenario LOW is valid for autumn semester 2021 and onwards

The President of KTH has 1 June 2021 decided (V-2021-0421) that teaching and examination from and including 29 August 2021 and onwards shall be carried out according to the scenario low, which means the campus is open.

"From pandemic to pedagogical progress" interview with Vice-President for Education (2021-06-02)

KTH's education after 29/9 2021

With eased restrictions, the furniture placings will be restored, but pedagogically the corresponding scenario low will apply as the new normal for teaching and examination.

How eased pandemic restrictions will affect KTH's education (2021-09-17)

"When restrictions are lifted" interview with the President (2021-09-20)

20 May 2021

Scenarios for KTH's educational activities

The capriciousness of the coronavirus means that no one can know for sure what the conditions will be for KTH's education in the autumn semester of 2021 (HT21). However, we know what KTH's regulations say about the direction of education activities. This scenario description attempts to provide as much information as can be provided at present for planning and predictability, both in the short and long term.

Scenarios for KTH's educational activities