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Thesis defences and licentiate seminars

2 June 2021 (Updated 30 June 2021)

Scenario LOW is valid for autumn semester 2021

The President of KTH has 1 June 2021 decided (V-2021-0421) that teaching and examination from and including 29 August 2021 and onwards shall be carried out according to the scenario low, which means the campus is open.

The text from the President decision on the covid pages on the intranet

"From pandemic to pedagogical progress" interview with Vice-President for Education

Clarification on the use of halls during the beginning of the autumn term

Comprehensive information is gathered in this article published on 30 June 2021: Instructions on use of halls and measures in KTH´s premises for HT21

Comprehensive guidelines due to COVID-19

Public defences of doctoral thesis and licentiate seminars are open to the public and are subject to Government restrictions such as public gatherings*.

Digital thesis defences and licentiate seminars are encouraged partly for quality reasons (due to the opportunities for broader international participation in the grading committee and as an opponent) and partly for sustainability reasons (reduced travel).

All thesis defences and licentiate seminars on campus shall be made available to spectators digitally.

*From 1 June 2021 the limit for public gatherings is changed. If there are assigned seatings indoors, the limit is raised to 50 participants (for indoor events without designated seats, the limit remains eight participants). It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that the recommendations of the Public health Agency of Sweden will be followed. Depending on the size and design of the venue or location, this may mean that fewer than 50 participants may participate. One way to keep track of the expected physical number of participants is to use a registration procedure.