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Self-study on campus

14 January 2022

Scenario LOW is valid for study period 3, 2022

The prerequisites for study period 3 (P3) are that KTH applies KTH's scenario “LOW” for education, which means that the campus is open, but now with infection controlled-adapted hall furniture (i.e. the same restrictions on teaching as in the beginning of the academic period 1, HT21). The students who have not been able to participate in the on-campus examination during the exam period for P2 should be referred to the re-examination period in Easter.

KTH's action plan for education for study period 3, 2022

Comprehensive guidelines due to COVID-19

Description of the activity area

The area includes activities where students gather to study on campus outside of scheduled educational activities. 


No restrictions on self-study on campus.


Self-study on campus is primarily allowed in direct connection before or after a scheduled educational activity on campus. Self-study on campus where special equipment or software is required is also allowed.