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External Applications in Canvas

It is possible to use external applications or so-called LTI-apps (Learning Tool Integration) for several different fields of applications. New functionality can be added by using LTI-apps in Canvas, either for a specific course or for the whole of KTH. You can also apply to activate an app that is not used at KTH today.

Applications outside of Canvas 

  • The Canvas Teacher app  - Canvas has two phone apps, one for students and one for teachers. These are developed and managed by Canvas Instructure. KTH does not provide support for these apps. 
  • SCORM  is a technical standard for many different products in e-learning, and it is often used to create course material. We strongly recommend you to use Canvas Assignments or Quizzes instead of SCORM, but it is possible to import SCORM-assignments to a Canvas course. 

Currently activated LTI-apps 

Below are the services supported by KTH that you, as a teacher or course admin, already can use in your Canvas course. Follow the links for guides on how to use them.

External LTI-apps 

  • Kaltura (KTH-Play)  – Provide access to media files, mostly video
  • Mentimeter  - Presentation and quiz tool used for presentations and in educational settings, both in a classroom and over Zoom.
  • Möbius  – A system used to create more advanced questions and quizzes, with the support of automatic grading and randomized parameters and variables. 
  • Ouriginal (formerly called URKUND)  – Text matching tool, used for plagiarism checks. 

LTI-apps developed by Canvas 

Apply to activate new external applications


Change in priorities due to covid-19

Right now, the possibility of bringing in new LTI connections/systems for administration in e-learning is limited. The processing time can be long and the case may be prioritized down directly to make room for e-learning's core system and help for teachers and courses during covid-19. We hope you understand. This priority change is active from fall 2020 until the end of 2021.

If you, as a teacher or course administrator, want to activate a new external application in Canvas, there is a process to review proposals for new applications. The applications will be reviewed in the order they are submitted. It might take an entire semester to process an application since it entails much communication with the system provider.

Activate at course or KTH level

Many of the applications are specialized for specific types of assignments, and usually, there are only a few courses in the same subject area that have similar needs. In that case, supplier contracts, Personal Data Processing Agreements and support needs to be handled locally. The app is then activated per course by order to the E-learning management object. After an app is activated, you as a teacher can use it directly in your course room. 

For services with a broader need (i.e., many courses at several schools), the application might be activated for all of KTH. The first step is usually a pilot test and evaluation in one or a few courses before the application is made available to all of KTH.

Apply via the form

To get started with an application, you need to fill out the form linked below. For KTH to activate the application in Canvas, it needs to be approved from both a security and usage perspective. Agreements with the supplier and Personal Data Processing Agreements may also be needed depending on the application's design. Fill out the form to get started with the application.

Form - Apply for external application (LTI app) in Canvas (new window).

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