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The "Canvas Teacher" app

There are two mobile apps, one for students and one for teachers. With the app "Canvas Teacher" you as a teacher can be active in the course via the phone and, among other things, send and receive messages. You can convey results and assessments and time the publication of certain material. However, KTH does not give support for any of these apps.

The app's possibilities

Manage course materials

You can, for example, time the publication of material. If you want to edit an entire page or module, it is better to do it in a web browser. 

Communicate results and grades

You can respond to student submissions as the app is synchronized with SpeedGrader and Gradebook. Note that the app may have problems with file management.

App limitations

The app has certain limitations that are important to know, such as uploading files for quizzes. There are also limitations in calendar management and answering quizzes. These features work best through browsers.

Good to know about the apps

  • If you do not have a KTH account, you will not be able to use the app.
  • Canvas (Instructure) develops and updates the apps. KTH does not provide support or handle questions about the apps.
  • Download the "Canvas Teacher" app from where you usually download apps. There you can also see the latest updates and bug fixes.
  • The apps are updated regularly. You can find the latest information on Canvas' own web pages about the apps.

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