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Möbius Video Instructions

Krzysztof Starzecki (Chris) solution specialist at KTH introduces Möbius, based on many years of experience of teaching teachers about Möbius. The videos are structured so that they answer the most common questions that teachers usually need answers to when they, as beginners, take on Möbius.

Möbius Structure at KTH - What Why and How?

This video presents:

0:16 Parent and Child Classes - structure your assignments correctly.
1:45 Archive Access - make the sturktuer so that it works several course offerings.
2:40 Linking Möbius to Canvas
3:44 Resources - here you can find more help.

Möbius Basics - Algorithmic Questions

0:30 Create Question
1:30 Question Text
2:05 Algorithm - create the calculations behind the question.
5:10 Möbius Functions and Arguments - a compilation list.
6:08 Responce field
8:00 Preview
9:11 Grade Question
9:41 Common Index - create random variable sets.

Möbius Basics - Assignment Creation Part 1

This video presents:

0:20 Möbius homepage log in
1:10 Create Assignment - starts in Content Repository
2:40 Select Questions - add questions to the assignment
3:00 Import Question - that you have created or others have published
4:20 Preview Assignment
4:40 Point system - Möbius points connecting to Canvas points

Möbius Basics - Assignment Creation Part 2

0:15 Properties
0:50 Type of Assignment - handle multiple attempts.
3:15 Policy Set - General properties
4:38 Feedback for each question during and after.
7:05 General Properties - passing score
10:30 Feedback (after) - grading message
11:00 Settings for campus based exams.
11:35 Quick review and save.

Möbius Basics - Linking

This video presents:

0:50 Assignment in Canvas
1:55 External tool - connecting Möbius to Canvas assignment.
4:06 Möbius assignment appearance in Canvas.
4:17 Link Browser - link Canvas assignment to the correct Möbius assignment.

Möbius Basics - Gradebook Linking and Feedback

This video presents:

0:30 Grading view in Möbius.
1:30 Students view for feedback.
2:19 Give students access to Möbius gradebook.


Möbius Basics - Navigating Gradebook

This video presents:

0:17 Möbius Gradebook
1:10 Filter Results
1:50 Access submission
2:28 Change the grade of more than one question at a time.

Möbius Basics - Content Templates

This video presents:

0:18 Access Content Templates
0:40 Question Templates - most for mathematics.
1:10 Interactives - Design objects to help create questions.
3:00 Clone into Class - to use as you want.

Möbius Basics - Troubleshooting and 5 min Fixes

This video presents:

0:14 If you do not see Möbius on the list of external tools in Canvas.
1:10 Linked the incorrect Möbius class to your Canvas course.
3:09 Linked the incorrect assignment link to your Canvas assignment.
3:46 Missing Möbius Question
5:30 Broken Möbius Question
8:09 Assignment score not syncing

Möbius - Student View via Canvas

This video presents:

0:13 Preview an assignment from Canvas.
1:27 Problem that may arise when using student view.
3:26 Preview an assignment in Möbius.

Möbius - Advanced Algorithm Part 1

This video presents:

0:16 Maple scripts, the dollarsigns
1:19 The switch function
3:23 If-, Else- statments
6:54 Question combined with an algorithm

Möbius - Advanced Algorithm Part 2

This video presents:

0:22 If-, Else- statment, another example
2:20 While function
2:50 Construct a while loop
4:41 Use the switch function to handle the values

When you are logged in to möbius, you can through this link access the material " Example Question - Advanced Functions ".

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