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Groups and sections in Canvas

In Canvas it is possible to create student groups for collaboration for group tasks, co-writing pages with more. It is also possible to allow the students themselves to choose groups and create groups. Sections is an alternative way of dividing students which is primarily used in examination rooms.

Video tutorial on groups

Canvas has a video that goes through how groups are created, edited and used. Timestamps for the information are below the video, and there is a text version of the video (Google docs) .

Timestamps for the information in the video

  • 00.05 - What Groups can be used for
  • 00.20 - Create a group set
  • 01.35 - Group set options menu (three dots)
  • 01.50 - Add a group to a group set
  • 02.10 - Manage options for individual groups within a group set
  • 02.30 - Assign unassigned students to a group
  • 03.10 - Move students to different groups
  • 03.25 - Assign a student leader
  • 03.50 - Group assignments and discussions

Group only registered students! It is important to hold off on grouping the students until they are registered in Canvas and in the participants list. You should group the students only when all participants are marked with “Student”. If you start grouping the student before that, when they only have the role of “Admitted not registered student”, there is a risk that the students will disappear from the group once they are registered.

Sections in Canvas

It is also possible to divide the students in groups with the help of “Sections” in Canvas. Due to legal reasons (according to the higher education ordinance) this has to be done by administrative staff, so the Group function is primarily recommended. Sometimes groups of groups are needed in a course, which sections can be used for. If you wish to include sections in your course contact . Keep in mind that if students are placed in a manually created section before they are registered, when they only have the role "Admitted not registered student", the student will remain in the manually created section even if the student does not register and when the role "Admitted not registered student" is removed. Unregistered students should be removed, contact IT-Support to remove students or to create sections after all students have registered.

In normal course rooms all students are added in the same section, but for exam rooms two sections are created. One section for students without compensatory support and one section for students with compensatory suppofr from Funka.

Create a course structure with groups in a group

If you need to create groups in groups, you can do this with “Sections” in a Canvas course. Each section can have its own deadlines for assignments, discussions and quizzes. It is also possible to have different calendar events and different teachers for different sections. One example of usage of sections is to create a section for each of three teachers who all handle different groups of students within the same course. If you want to create sections, contact  and include the following:

  • what name the sections should have
  • which students are to be included in which section.
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