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Classic Quizzes question groups

Here you can learn how to handle question groups in Classic Quizzes (corresponds to the item banks function in New Quizzes), how to create a question group, add questions to question groups and add questions from question groups to a quiz.

Create an item bank/question group

To create a random group of questions, you need a question group.

Open a quiz in Classic Quizzes.

First, create a new, empty question group:

  1. Go to the tab "Questions".
  2. Click the button "New question group".
  3. Specify a group name in the Topic Group field (the students will not be able to see it), and choose the amount of questions to be picked at random from the group.
  4. Then click the button "Create group".
Screenshot question group. Arrows between New group button, number of question, create group button.

Adding a question to item bank / question group

To create a new question directly in the group, click the + button in the gray, upper group panel.

Screenshot empty question group. The button for "add question to this group" is highlighted.

When creating your questions, give the questions a name that can set them apart for you (this name is not visible to students).

Screenshot True/false question. Arrows between True/false, description and update question button.

Adding a question from item bank / question group

You can also reuse questions from question groups. For example, if you want to create them in your sandbox, you can later bring them to a Canvas room with students when they are to be used.

At the bottom of the quiz, press "Find questions".

Screenshot at the bottom of the quiz, the find question button is highlighted.

You will then see a box with all your question groups / item banks in the Classic quiz. Select a question group and then the questions from the question group that you want to use. Scroll to the bottom of the box and select what the question group in the new quiz should be called in the drop-down menu "Add questions to the question group:". Click "Add Questions"

Screenshot of the box find quiz question with questions marked to be added.
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