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The Quiz function in Canvas

Creating a good quiz can be an advanced task. Here you can find information on how you, in the two quiz functions in Canvas, New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes, create good settings for the quiz, create a good question, handle item banks, moderate the quiz and vary student assignments with random questions.

You can navigate to the quiz pages in the navigation menu or click on the links under each heading.

Create a quiz

Canvas has two quiz functions. Here you will find information about which one you should use and how to create a quiz and what external settings are available in a quiz and can be good to use. For example, the number of attempts allowed, limit for passing, and how to save time when creating a quiz.

Learn how to create a quiz .

Create a question

Here is information on what is good to think about when creating quiz questions. How to add a question and what to keep in mind when creating incorrect answers and feedback.

Learn how to create a question in a quiz .

New Quizzes

New Quizzes is Canvas' newer quiz feature. Some parts are still under development while others are better than in Classic Quizzes. New Quizzes have more question types and more moderation and external setting functions. It is easier to share material between teachers and to handle questions in item banks. In the future, this will be the only quiz tool in Canvas.

Read about New Quizzes .

Classic Quizzes

Classic Quizzes is Canvas' first quiz feature that is currently being replaced by New Quizzes. If you are already familiar with its functionality, you can continue to use it, but if you are going to learn a quiz function from scratch, it is recommended that you devote your time to New Quizzes. At the moment, however, this is the better choice if you need data security using third-party tools or CSV for student response analysis.

Read about Classic Quizzes .

Random questions

For larger, assessed assignments, such as an exam, it is often advantageous if the students do not receive exactly the same questions. Random questions is a good method for this, and on this page we go through what we recommend for random questions in Canvas.

Read about how to randomize questions in Canvas .

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