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The Pages function in Canvas

Canvas Pages are the internal web pages of a course. KTH recommends that course information is added to a Canvas page instead of being shared through a document. Pages can contain text, images, videos, links, lists, tables, mathematical notations and a lot more.

The text editor in Canvas (RCE)

Almost all functions in Canvas, except New Quizzes, use the same text editor. It is called Rich Content Editor, RCE for short. If you would like to know more about it you can read about the RCE on Canvas Community.  

Pages instead of documents

When you as a teacher is planning on creating or adding a downloadable document for your students, KTH recommends that you instead create a page in Canvas. This is both for increased accessibility and to ensure that students can read the latest version of the information instead of outdated information that they downloaded at a previous time. 

Student-editable collaboration areas with pages

When pages are created, you can choose who are allowed to edit the page. The setting is underneath the text editor. The standard is “only teachers” but it is also possible to choose “teachers and students” or “anyone”. The standard can be changed under settings, but it is not something that we recommend since it carries a big risk that the students get permission to edit pages that only teachers should edit.

To create collaboration areas that students themselves can edit, you as a teacher can create a few pages where students have permission to edit and let them fill it out with information that they want to put there. It can be lecture notes, explanations to concepts, or anything else that you agree to use the pages for. It is not possible to see who edited the pages or what was changed. 

Video tutorial on Pages

Canvas has a video that goes through how assignments are created and edited. Timestamps for the information are below the video, and there is a text version of the video (Google docs) .

Timestamps for the information in the video

  • 00:15 - Open pages, create new page
  • 00:35 - Add content, options
  • 01:15 - Index page for Pages, publish pages
  • 01:55 - Options (three dots). Edit, delete, duplicate
  • 02:15 - Front page
  • 02:35 - Version history of a page
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