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Remote examination

These pages contain advice, recommendations and guidelines for planning and conducting remote examinations at KTH.


This applies to partial exams (KS) in Canvas for 9 Sep - 23 Oct HT20

E-learning has (during week 36) developed a solution for setting up special partial exam course rooms (KS rooms) in Canvas and published information about the implementation of partial exams in Canvas. In short, the teacher / examiner can choose between using a special KS room in Canvas or using regular course rooms in Canvas. Read information about partial exams (KS) in Canvas .

New page structure and new URLs

These web pages about remote examination on the E-learning web have now got a new page structure and new URLs. We will quickly try to redirect links from other sites (incl. Canvas), but apologize if it has been missed somewhere. If you have questions,, contact .

Forms of examination

According to the Directors of First and Second Cycle Education (Grundutbildningsutskottet)
specification of the principal's decision , the following examination methods apply during Autumn 20:

  • Supervised written examination conducted on campus must be justified with pedagogical arguments.
  • Supervised written examinations at a distance may be used in exceptional cases, and must be justified for both pedagogical reasons and practical considerations.
  • Continuous examination of modules with digital tools may take place outside the examination periods.

More about the different forms of examination

To select and design the implementation


Different ways of assessing learning objectives in remote examination

Different forms of examination place different demands on how the tasks or questions are designed and sometimes also how the assessment is carried out. When reorganizing the examination, it is therefore good to initially go back to the learning objectives, to ask what the students actually should be able to do after completing the course.

Design process: step by step

Implementation process: who does what?

Inform students

Recommendations regarding management of support

Systems to be used

The Undergraduate Studies Committee has decided that the following systems should be used for distance examination: 

Support and FAQ

Examination guidance

Do you or your teaching team/colleagues wish to receive guidance on the selection and formulation of examinations?


PLEASE NOTE! Include the words examination guidance in the subject line.