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Future Education – how do we create it?

What new knowledge about digital learning has KTH acquired during the digital transformation of recent years? In this Lunch 'n' Learn, two teachers meet to discuss how digital tools have helped or hindered their teaching. The discussion revolves around how to meet KTH's principles for Future Education in the digital classroom setting.

Time: Wed 2022-12-14 12.15 - 13.00

Video link: Online (Zoom)

Language: Swedish

Lecturer: Patricia Diaz and Ninni Carlsund

The conversation will be held in Swedish and will be recorded.

A conversation about opportunities and challenges in the digital room

Patricia Diaz – Doctoral student and Educational developer, and Ninni Carlsund – Associate professor, will discuss issues around students' expectations of modern education in a live conversation. At the same time as teachers have had to make a significant digital transition quickly, they have also faced new challenges and opportunities. Do we need all the digital systems we have learned to use, or should we hit the brakes a bit?

The conversation will focus on response systems, interactions in the classroom, digital resources for formative methods, and challenges with fair assessments and group assignments.

KTH's 13 principles for Future Education were established in July 2022 and will provide a framework for KTH's education going forward. The conversation between Patricia and Ninni will be based on principle three, "Active student-centered learning" and principle four, "Assessment and examination for learning" in the digital classroom.  

After the conversation, the audience can join the discussion.

KTH's principles for Future Education


Patricia Cirera Diaz
Patricia Cirera Diaz
doctoral student, educational developer
Christina Marianne Carlsund Levin
Christina Marianne Carlsund Levin
associate professor +4687908193

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