Contact and support on E-learning

Here you will find information about user guides, news, support on e-learning, and also read about how you submit comments and suggestions for improvement.

Educational support for teachers

Do you have educational questions about E-learning? This can for example be quizzes, discussion forums, video in teaching, LEQ and course design in Canvas. Welcome to send us an email at . You can also book a personal coaching session for questions regarding Canvas, course design and e-learning .

Support and technical questions about Canvas 

If you have technical questions about for example copying a course room to the new course round, login or accounts, please contact .

Web guides and course for teachers (on Canvas)

In addition to the information here on the intranet, you as a teacher have access to the course "Canvas@KTH - an introductory course" . There you find the main information material about Canvas (guides, instruction films, etc.). In the course, you create content and structure in your own sandbox course room (i.e. your free area to test Canvas) that you later on can copy into your real course room. Log in to Canvas and you will see the course room "Canvas@KTH - an introductory course" under "Overview" in the menu on the left.

News and important information about Canvas and e-learning

"Global Announcement" in Canvas  is a space for news that appears at the top of the overview page (when you are logged in to Canvas). You can remove the announcement by clicking the cross at the top right corner. In these announcements we post news and information important for all Canvas users at KTH (mainly teachers/employees). Please read the information carefully before you click to remove the announcement because it will not come up again.

On the newsfeed E-Learning News  you find tips, inspiration and other information about Canvas and E-learning at KTH. You can subscribe to the feed directly to your email in Outlook. Follow the RSS guide  . The URL of the E-learning RSS feed to enter is:

Would you like to receive information about upcoming e-learning events at KTH, such as Lunch n' Learn seminars and workshops, for example? Contact  and ask to be included in our mailing list.

Comments and suggestions for improvement for e-learning at KTH

The E-learning management object is continuously striving to further develop the digital learning environment at KTH. If you have ideas or suggestions that you think can help us, please leave your feedback using the form below. We follow up all suggestions.
Form for comments and suggestions for improvement for e-learning at KTH .

Many of the e-learning systems are procured by KTH and thereby developed by external suppliers and the needs and change requests from KTH become one factor in the priority process for the supplier, which need to satisfy many customers.

Requests for new features in Canvas

You can send your requests to  and we will see what is possible to fulfill. In some cases, we need to forward it to the provider Instructure, but we will always let you know the outcome. Canvas also has its own forum for requests: feature ideas (  where you can make suggestions and see other people's suggestions and "vote" on them. Remember that it is a slow way to influence and the forum is run entirely by Canvas in the United States.