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Order a workshop by E-learning

This page contains the fully developed workshops that we at E-learning previously held on request, and which can now be booked by all teaching and course administration staff. The developed workshops can be varied as needed. You can also book a completely new workshop if needed.

How to order a workshop

E-learning has developed a number of workshops that are available to book, with the only requirement that you who book a workshop teach or work administratively with courses at KTH. You can also book a new workshop or a variant of the workshops we offer. To book a workshop:

  1. Read through the developed workshops and decide which one you want to book.
  2. Send an email to  with the following information:
    • Suggested date and time for the workshop, at least three weeks in advance.
    • Name of the workshop. If you want to book a new workshop (or a variant), you should also include suggestions for learning objectives and target group.
    • Number of participants (approximate). We appreciate a list of participants, if possible.
    • An estimate of the participants' knowledge of the subject. If you are unsure, let us know and we can send out a form about this to the participants.

Developed workshops

Each workshop is explained on the underlying pages, including what they contain, what their learning objectives are and what the participants must prepare before joining.

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Last changed: Sep 03, 2021
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