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Course design

How can I design my course in a way that benefits the students' learning? How do I integrate digital learning ideas into the course room in Canvas? Read more about educational methods for e-learning, tips and inspiration and what guidance and support you can get as a teacher.

Course design and tips on Canvas


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There are different ways for you as a teacher to create good conditions for the learning environment and for engagement and interaction to develop in the virtual classroom. Recommendations and good examples of course design in Canvas .

Blended learning

Blended learning is a concept and form of teaching that has become increasingly popular. Blended learning means that the course has elements of both traditional campus-based teaching methods and digital tools.

About Blended learning .

Flipped Classroom

An educational method in which the students prepare by reading course material before the actual meeting in the "physical classroom". It might involve watching videos, reading articles, answering quizzes, etc. The time in the classroom is devoted to discussions, labs and seminars. The method is called Flipped Classroom and is a form of blended learning.

About Flipped Classroom .

Tips for collaboration in digital environments

Influence the interactivity of the classroom by creating tasks and activities that encourage students to learn in collaboration with each other and each other's experiences. Try using the web meeting tool Zoom for creating environments that encourage social interaction between students. If you want to make your teaching via Zoom more interactive and be able to ask questions to your students and so on, you can use the poll function in Zoom. With the function Breakout rooms (Zoom) you can divide the students into smaller discussion groups during the meeting. See also the presentation "Promoting interaction in discussion forums" ​​​​​​(YouTube)  by Malin Engquist at the Department of Learning (KTH).

Breakout rooms in Zoom .

The poll function in Zoom .

Recommendations and tips for webinars .

Create video and podcasts

Using video in courses is becoming more common. You can create your own movies specifically for your course or share other people's videos. If you are curious about working with video, there are many possibilities. Read more about how you as a teacher can work with use video in your teaching . Here is a user guide that you can download as PDF: "Presentation Design and Video Production for Education and Teaching Online" (KTH-Box)

Personal coaching on e-learning

You as a teacher can book a personal coaching session on e-learning  for help with discussing, among other things, course design in Canvas. The supervision can be done through a personal physical meeting, web meeting ( Zoom ) or via email.

Make your course more digital - How to record in your home environment

Presenters: Kamilla Andersson (Media pedagogue), Mats Åhrman (KTH IT) and Hannes Hagstrand (Video-producer/editor), Lunch 'n’ Learn 2020-04-17.

Learn the basics on how to record in your home environment. Focus will be on both the pedagogical and technical aspects on how to record your lectures. This webinar was held in English.

Go to the video on KTH Play: Make your course more digital - How to record in your home environment (KTH Play)

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