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Get started with digital education

KTH uses the Canvas learning platform and for each course there is a course room. As a teacher, you also have the opportunity to conduct web meetings via Zoom or use recorded lessons.

Digital education through Canvas

For each course round there is a course room in Canvas and all communication and digital course activities take place here during the course. As a teacher you build the course room, structure course material, add content, create assignments, quizzes, discussions and other required features needed to implement the course. You can find your course in Canvas via your "Personal menu" and "Courses" or by going to Canvas homepage: .

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Digital Examination

In Canvas, you can create different types of assignments and examinations depending on the purpose of the task. For example, students can work with self-correcting quizzes or write texts (both with and without a limited time) as well as submit work in the form of files, images, text, URLs, etc. In addition, KTH has a tool integrated in Canvas called Möbius, which is a more advanced tool for exams based on calculations.

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Web meetings with Zoom

Zoom enables online meetings and is available for employees and active students at KTH. Zoom can be used for education and meetings with a total of 500 participants. With Zoom you can share audio and use web camera and screen for presentations and record your lectures while you teach. We recommend the use of headset or conference microphone for good sound quality and to avoid feedback noises. Zoom’s start page is .

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The media portal KTH Play (Kaltura)

KTH Play is a media portal that teachers can use to record videos (such as instructions, lectures etc.) and share them with students. The technical platform for KTH Play is called Kaltura. Movies from KTH Play can be easily integrated in Canvas or anywhere else on the web. The start page for KTH Play is .

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Use KTH systems

Due to the fast transit to distance education, use of KTH's systems have increased rapidly. The IT support works intensly, in collaboration with system providers, to maintain and stabalise KTH's sytems. The systems have large capaity and has been able to meet the current demands.

KTH recommend all teachers to use the procured systems. They are secure and follow existing laws and regualation, for example regarding GDPR. Furthermore, the IT support is not able to provide support for systems that are not procured by KTH.

List of IT tools for teachers .

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