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Tips on digital tools

If you want to deepen and develop interaction with students in the classroom, there are a number of programmes on the web that you can use. You can also find programmes for creating more vivid and dynamic presentations.


With Möbius you can create advanced questions and quizzes for automatic grading adaptive course progression, and random question generator.

Lecturer Damiano Ognissanti

Video on how Möbius can be used for online assessment in STEM course (YouTube)

Möbius – an advanced quiz engine (external page, Canvas@KTH)

External digital tools to use in teaching

As a teacher at KTH you are free to use any online software that is outside the services provided by KTH, however, it is important to know that these services are not provided with support from KTH.

Here are a list of some of our favourites among external tools:

As a teacher, you are responsible for using the services properly and in accordance with legislation and guidelines. Here is a list of the KTH systems support for teachers .

Mentimeter – digital response tool

Do you want to create an online poll or quickly test students’ factual knowledge during the lesson? Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool with a built-in digital response system that can be used for creating interactive presentations where participants, can vote on different alternatives or enter their answers. Mentimeter can be used to advantage together with teaching in Zoom. KTH has purchased licenses for Mentimeter that you as a teacher can use. You log in with your KTH ID (if you are not already logged in to Here you can log in to Mentimeter . Read more about to use Mentimeter with Zoom . Contact  if you have questions.

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