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Learning Management Systems

At KTH, course rooms in Canvas are used, course websites, group web and programme web. For example, in the different learning platforms there is information about the course, instructions, assignments and forums for communication between you and the students during the course. Read below about what differentiates them.


For each course section, there is a course in Canvas and this is where the communication and all digital course activity takes place during the course. As a teacher, you build up the course room, structure the course material, insert the content, create assignments and other activities that students need to do to complete the course.

About Canvas

Course Web

The Course Web is primarily an area that is used before the start of the course and after the course has finished. The Course Web complements Canvas with information of a more static nature and with a focus on the course and not the course round. Here you can find course information and links to different systems that are used in courses at KTH. This is also where you administer course evaluations. Unlike a course room in Canvas, there is no possibility of interaction here. The default setting for the course web is "open" and all users with a KTH account can read the content. If you are a teacher or assistant, you can adjust the settings by page.

Course Web

Group web

The Group web is used for KTH projects, networking, working groups and not for the students/courses. The default setting for the group web sites is “open to all” but this allows administrators to make changes later.

About group web

Programme web

All programs at KTH has a programme web where all students that are registered for a programme are added. Here, you can share relevant information with the students and there is also the possibility of communication on the site.

About programme web

Personal menu

After logging in to you will find the personal menu at the top of the website and you can access your courses, see schedules, programmes and group web, etc. Both students and employees have access to the personal menu.

About personal menu

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