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External Applications in Canvas

In Canvas it is possible to add external applications LTI-apps (Learning Tool Integration). By using external applications it is possible to add new functionality to Canvas either at the course level or for the whole of KTH. After an application is activated, as a teacher you can use it directly in your course room. Below you can find a list of existing applications that you can use. You can also apply for activation for an app that is not on the list.

Activated for specific course or school

Many of the applications are targeted towards a specific need and in many cases there are a only few courses within the same subject area that have the same needs so therefore interest in the same applications. In such a case, the supplier contracts, personal data support agreements and support needs to be managed locally. After a review process the application is activated per course room in Canvas by the e-learning team.

When there is a broader need for an external application (many courses at several schools) the application may be activated for the whole of KTH. In such cases the first step is often a pilot test with one or a few courses before a decision is made if the application should be made available for all KTH courses in Canvas.

Changed priorities due to covid-19

Right now, the possibility of bringing in new LTI connections/systems for administration in e-learning is limited. The processing time can be long and the case may not be prioritized directly to make room for e-learning's core system and help for teachers and courses during covid-19. We hope you understand.

Activated external applications

Below is a list with external applications that are ready for you to activate in your course room in Canvas if you are a teacher or course responsible. Please contact  for questions about these applications.

Apply for activation of new external applications

The applications submitted for new LTI-integrations are reviewed in the submitted order and contains checkpoints for data-integrity, usefulness and legal issues. Since coordination with external suppliers may take some time, please note that it usually takes a term before agreements and routines can be in place.

Fill out the form to apply

To get started with the application, please fill out the form linked below. In order for an application to be activated in Canvas, it needs to be approved from both a security and pedagogical perspective. Contracts with the supplier and agreements regarding personal information may be necessary depending on the application.

Form - Apply for a new external application (LTI-app) in Canvas (new window) .

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