Grading of the result in New Quizzes in Canvas (SpeedGrader)

SpeedGrader offers several features that facilitate quick and efficient assessment. This guide contains information on the various sections.

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Grades. In Course Navigation (Canvas's left menu) click the Grades link.

Screenshot SpeedGrader

2. Open SpeedGrader by hover over the assignment column header [1]. In the menu that comes up (three dots), click the SpeedGrader link [2].

Screenshot SpeedGrader

Top Navigation

Screenshot SpeedGrader

At the very top of the SpeedGrader is a grey navigation bar. It includes information such as the name of the assignment and its due date. You can also see how many submissions you have graded as well as the average grade you have been giving your students on the assignment. In this example, we have a group of 6 students. 6 students have submitted work, and 5 submissions have already been graded. On the far right you can see whose submission you are currently grading. Use the arrows to navigate to other students' submissions.

On the far left are three buttons:

Gradebook: Closes the SpeedGrader and brings you to the main Gradebook page.

Hide grades: While the grades for this assignment are hidden, students will not receive new notifications about or be able to see their grade for the assignment.

Settings: The submeny “Options” allows you to view submissions alphabetically by student, by submission date, or by submission's grading status. You can also hide the students’ names. Under “Settings” you can also find Keyboard shortcuts and Help which can be useful.

Student Submission

Beneath the top navigation of the SpeedGrader is the work your student submitted. The SpeedGrader displays media recordings, text entries, some websites, and common file types like pdf, doc, docx, pptx, etc. If it is an assignment and not a quiz you can also draw, highlight, or add comments directly on top of student work.

Screenshot SpeedGrader

View the assessment in SpeedGrader [1]. When grading assessments, you can see the students submissions and change submissions, if there are more than one [2], and leave assignment comments [3].

View Results

Screenshot SpeedGrader

Results include the percentage score [1], point score [2], and time to complete attempt [3]. If any questions require manual grading, a warning message will display [4].

Grade item

Screenshot Speedgrader

Items that require manual grading are displayed with a gray border [1].

To give a student full points for an answer, click the Checkmark button [2]. To give a student no points for an answer, click the X button [3]. You can also use the Arrow buttons to increase or decrease the score [4].

How to regrade

Screenshot SpeedGrader

You can also regrade an assessment items that have already been graded by pressing the Regrade button and choosing a new correct answer. Here you can also decide how to score the question for those who answered an incorrect question.