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Important information about Canvas at the start of the course

How are the course rooms created and how are students and teachers added? Here is information about Canvas that is valuable for you as a teacher to know when it comes to course start.

This is how a course room in Canvas is created

For each course offering in Kopps, a course room is created in Canvas. This occurs within a day from the date of acceptance of the course offering in Kopps.

Can't find your course room?

If you do not find a course room, contact your local Kopps administrator to check that the course is approved in Kopps.

Several courses or course offerings with access to the same course room in Canvas?

If there are several courses or course offerings that will have access to the same course room in Canvas, please contact  that can help to merge several course rooms to one in Canvas.

Create course rooms manually

Course rooms can be created manually by Canvas administrators. Each school has three sub accounts in Canvas: 1. imported courses (from Kopps), 2. manually created courses and 3. sandboxes. No new courses should be created in the sub account for imported courses. In the sub account for manually created courses you can create courses that are going to be used by students and teacher but does not have a course code or course offerings. In the sub account for sandboxes test courses can be created for teachers wanting to test Canvas.

This is how examination rooms are created in Canvas

Before all exam periods, examination rooms are created in Canvas based on a simple template. So you do not have to do everything from scratch. You can choose whether you want to use the template or not. Read more on the page Examination room in Canvas .

How different users are added to Canvas

Teachers, course coordinators, and examiners

Teacher, course coordinator, and examiner for a course are listed in Kopps, and the user will then automatically gain teacher access to the course room in Canvas. If you do not find an expected course room, contact your local Kopps-administrator to check that you are included in the course.

Teacher assistants/TAs are added to Canvas

If you are a registered teacher/course coordinator/examiner in Kopps, you can add teacher assistants /TAs in your own course through the group editor: Group editor for employees . You can also register via a Kopps-administrator at your school.

Students (automatically added)

Publish the course room for the students

In order for students to gain access to the course room, you as a teacher must publish the course room (In Canvas) and thereby make it available to them.

Admitted and registered are added to the course room

Students who are admitted to courses in the coming study periods are added daily to course rooms in Canvas. In most cases, when a student is registered on a course, it is added as a student within 15 minutes, but in periods of heavy load it can take up to a few hours.

During the registration period, students are both "admitted not registered" and "student"

A person who is both admitted and registered will for a few days and in connection with the registration period, be listed as both "admitted not registered" and "student" in the Canvas attendee lists ("student" means that they are registered on the course in Ladok). Approximately two days before the course registration closes, we remove students who have only been admitted but have not yet registered. This to give active students who have forgotten to register a chance to do it themselves via the web registration.


Re-registered students are enrolled in courses in the same way as registered students and receive access directly unless the student is re-registered on a so-called OM-occasion in Ladok. OM-occasions are course rounds that do not exist in Kopps so, therefore, have any course rooms in Canvas. The student then has to be added manually, OM-occasions are created if the student is to be re-registered on an earlier version of the course or on a term without an active course round, for example, if the course was in the autumn term but the student is re-registered in the spring term. Current registration dates are available here: General information about course registration .

Do not group the students too soon

Wait to group the students until everyone is registered in Canvas and the participant list. Only when all participants are marked as "Student", you can start. If you start to group the students before that (when they are "Admitted not registered student"), there is a risk that the students will disappear from the group once they have registered.

Students (added manually)

Students who should be admitted or registered in Ladok should not be added manually to courses, but in the cases where the students are not going to be handled in Ladok they can be added manually. Example of students that fall into this category is students re-registered on OM-offerings or PhD students attending courses that aren't following the 2007 study order. This can be done either by a local Canvas administrator or the KTH IT-support. A request needs to be sent in by a course admin or a director of studies and not by a teacher on the course.

PhD students

PhD courses with study order from 2007

PhD courses that follow the study order from 2007 will have the PhD students added automatically through being admitted and registered in Ladok, in the same way as other students. Course rooms will be created automatically through Kopps as well. For the PhD courses following earlier study orders the course rooms, students and teachers need to be handled manually.

PhD courses at another level

PhD students attending a course on another level should be added through this routine: Handle studies at another level (please note: page in Swedish) . A new course round will be created in Kopps, which will create a new course room in Canvas. This course room can then be merged with other course rooms.

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