Course rounds

One course can have several course rounds. Course rounds can be obtained from the Course and Programme Catalogue. Each course round also has its own course room in Canvas.

Each course round has its own page structure and its own schedule. The course round pages are placed under a heading with the name of the course round in the menu to the left. Course rounds/groups within the course are obtained from the Course and Programme Catalogue. Admitted students are automatically selected for correct course rounds.

Selection of course rounds/groups within the course affects:

  • what you see as content on the Course Overview/News Feed/Schedule pages
  • which course rounds/groups within the course (with associated pages) you will see in the menu.

How do course rounds work in Canvas?

Each course round has its own area (course) in Canvas. But if the teacher wishes, several course rounds can be merged into a single area (course) in Canvas. If you have questions about merging course rounds in Canvas, contact   to get help.

Find Course rounds

You can always access information specifically for the course rounds you have not selected under Tools/Find content/Sets and groups. If you want to change the course round or follow additional course rounds, you can manage it yourself under Tools/My settings.

How can I copy material between different course rounds from year to year?

The “Copy pages” function is found under the paper and pen icon. It allows you to choose which pages from which course rounds you want to copy and to which course rounds the pages will be copied. Then click the “Copy” button to perform the copy operation.

Manage Course rounds/Groups

Under Tools-> Administration-> Manage course rounds/groups, all course rounds/groups are listed for the current course. They are used to group content (pages, posts, schedule events) so it can reach the right recipients. Subgroups are created automatically on the basis of templates based on the information in Kopps. Those who are authorised can create, modify, delete, combine these.

Contact  if you have any questions or requests.

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