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Course Web

Course Web is a tool that compiles relevant information and links to different systems used in courses at KTH. The teacher supplements the standard information from the administrative systems with their specific information.

Information available on Course Web

Learning Environment Questionnaire (LEQ) - a tool for course evaluation

The SCA model (and the LEQ survey) is the model KTH recommends for the work on course evaluation and course analysis. The higher education unit is responsible for pedagogical issues regarding the use of course evaluations. Read more about Systematic Course Analysis (SCA) and LEQ .

Course Web is created automatically and in addition to what is created there, contains information that is collected automatically from other systems, as well as links to other parts of the KTH Web and Canvas course rooms. The Course Web contains static course information.

The Course Web collects information from the following systems:

Links to course information at other locations

Course Web automatically displays links to:

  • Canvas course room.

  • Alternative course homepages (from the Course and Programme Catalogue).

  • Course syllabus (in the Course and Programme Catalogue).

  • Course administration functions for teachers (links found under Tools).

Remove link to alternative course homepage

If as a teacher or course administrator, you want to remove the link “course homepage", you need to do it via the Kopps system. If you are not the administrator of the system, contact the Kopps administrator at your school.

Subscriptions, alerts and permissions

Anyone with a KTH login can subscribe to the course web. You can find the "subscribe" button below the name of the course to the left of the course webs you are not subscribed to. When you subscribe, you will automatically receive alerts when something happens on the course web and you will also receive a link to the course under Courses in the Personal Menu. Teachers and admitted students will automatically receive a subscription.

If you have any questions about the course web or need help, welcome to contact .

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