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Due to Covid-19, the Lunch n' Learn seminars will change character and will be offered as webinars via Zoom. The focus will be on digital tools in teaching (Canvas, Zoom, etc.). On this page you will find all information about the webinars.


Monday 6th of April

“Alternatives to proctored written examinations - online exam or alternative assessment methods?”

(The webinar will be held in Swedish)

Date: Monday 6/4 12:00 to 13:00
Place: Online via Zoom, use this link:
(This meeting will be recorded)

This webinar will be very similar to the previous webinar given on the 30th of March. And, this time in Swedish.

As the current Covid-19 pandemic will prevent on campus proctored written exams during the Spring term what are the alternatives. The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences will hold a one hour session to discuss some of the issues and solutions to assessing course learning outcomes.

During the seminar we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of some alternatives to written exams, as well as methods for structuring and administering successful take-home examinations. Topics such as time efficiency, possibility of cheating, and equitable and just assessment will also be discussed.

Speakers: Ida Naimi-Akbar and Arnold Pears.

Please note 1: The webinar will be held in Swedish.

Please note 2: You connect to the webinar via the Zoom-link above. No need to install anything, but sound and video quality becomes better if you install and connect using the Zoom client/app on your computer .

Webinars during week 15

The following Webinars will be held during week 15. They will start at 12:15 (unless otherwise stated). The language of the title of the webinar also indicate the language it will be held in.

  • Monday 6 April: Alternativ till salstentamen – olika sätt att bedöma lärandemål vid digital examination (starts at 12:00).

  • Tuesday 7 April: Make your course more digital - How to record in your home environment.

  • Wednesday 8 April: Questions and answers

Recordings from the previous webinars (KTH Play)

The recording from Friday 3 of April, Digital exams in Canvas: How to prepare your exam (in Swedish) .

The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences on YouTube

The department publishes (in collaboration with E-learning) a number of videos about pedagogy and distance learning. The target group is KTH's teacher.

Material from the previous webinars (KTH BOX)

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List of videos from all previous seminars (2018-2020)



Lunch n’ Learn seminars - in the KTH Library and online

The seminars are aimed at those (primarily KTH-teachers and employees) who are interested in e-learning and want to know more about KTH's digital learning environment. The seminars are held in the South East Gallery, KTH Library. They are streamed (YouTube)  and recorded on the day so you can participate directly online, ask questions in the chat or watch the recording later. The wrap and drink is served from 12 and the seminar takes place between 12:15-13.

Information about the registration

To register for a seminar click on the link to the registration form. In the form you have the opportunity to specify your dietary requirements. If you have signed up but can't make it, please send us an email:  as soon as you can. 

Contact and suggestions for upcoming Lunch n' Learn

We also want the seminars to be a forum for KTH's teachers to share knowledge and experience of working in Canvas, focusing on educational solutions. Are you a teacher and want to share something you have done in Canvas? It can be examples of something that you think became really good when it comes to course design. Or something that has been more challenging and difficult that you have worked with and succeeded. We believe that both large and small examples can inspire. Please contact us if you would like to hold a Lunch n 'Learn seminar. Then we can discuss ideas and possible arrangements together.

If you only want to submit suggestions and wishes on the topic for the upcoming Lunch n 'Learn, you can also contact us at .

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