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Personal coaching on e-learning

We guide with focus on your educational issues. You can get help with, for example, structuring a course room in Canvas, making videos and creating quizzes. The coaching can be done through a personal physical meeting, web meeting or via email.

You can get help with this

The support is based on help for self-help and can include, for example:

  • Course structure, examination forms, structure of course rooms in Canvas.
  • Functions in Canvas: quiz, assignments, groups and KTH Result Export.
  • Creation of educational videos (incl. design of material, recording and editing).

This is how the coaching goes

Coaching can take place in various forms such as through e-mail or a pre-booked web meeting with Zoom . We can also meet on campus for a personal meeting where you can be coached by someone from E-learning.

Be prepared

If you are prepared, the coaching session will often be better. Write down a few points about what you need help with, what problems there may be and if you yourself have suggestions for different solutions. Before a coaching session, you are also welcome to go through our guides on the web, such as Canvas - guides and recommendations .

How to book a coaching session

All coaching sessions are booked by sending an e-mail to

In your e-mail we want the following information:

  • Which course you want to develop. If you are currently running your course in Canvas, pleas attach a link to the course room. If the course is not available in Canvas, we want information about what it looks like today.
  • That you concretize and compile the questions you want help with.
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