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Screen sharing on Zoom during hybrid-teaching

The students in the classroom can participate in a Zoom meeting, based on how you plan your hybrid-lecture. The students will then be able to ask questions and see the answers in the chat. The poll-function can be used for mini-surveys and quick understanding. The teacher can easily divide the students into smaller groups by using breakout-rooms.

Prepare Zoom and the classroom

  • Schedule or start a Zoom-meeting in which you invite all students.
  • Make sure there are microphones available in the room, otherwise you should bring your own microphone.
  • When you prepare the Zoom-meeting, make sure that the participants microphones are muted to avoid audio-feedback.
  • Avoid using breakout-rooms for the students located in the classroom to minimize the risk of audio-feedback.  
  • If you want the students in the classroom to hear you via the speaker-system, you need to active the speaker-function in Zoom
  • Connect your computer with the projector in the classroom.
  • To share your screen – click “Share Screen” in Zoom. The function is located in menu-bar at the bottom. Then select which window you want to share.
Microphone mounted on ceiling in room for hybrid teaching.
Some rooms are equipped with roof-mounted microphones that pick up audio from the entire room.

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Connect a video camera to Zoom to film a writing/white/black board

Some courses require the use of a board. The conditions among different rooms vary. Here are some general technical recommendations:

  • Some rooms (lecture halls?) are equipped with video-cameras that can film the board. You need to bring your own video-camera in order to film the board if you are using a room that is not equipped with a video-camera.
  • You can connect several video-cameras to Zoom, for example web-cameras.
  • You can share an additional video-camera in Zoom. The function is located under advanced functions in Zoom.
  • It is recommended to use a good external web-camera for good image quality

It is recommended that you mount the video-camera on a tripod.

Tips how to film the whiteboard/chalkboard

  • The camera should be positioned straight in front of the board to optimize the visibility of the board.
  • Avoid light reflections on the board – adjust the lights correctly
  • Make sure the entire board is within the frame to avoid cropping.
  • Take a step aside when you have written something on the board to make sure the camera shows what is written.
  • Only use boards that are on one half of the room – the ones in front of the camera.
  • If you use sliding boards, frame them in the same way.
  • Use good and bold pens/chalk – write as big as needed to be clearly visible.
  • It is recommended to take a photo of every completed board. The photo can later be provided to the students.
  • When you are writing on the board, position the microphone closer to the board in order to get good audio.
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