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Create interactivity in class – methods and digital tools

With tools such as breakout rooms and polls you as a teacher can make your lessons more interactive for the students.

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Breakout rooms 

Pedagogical methods

Increase communication and student collaboration in your course 

Do you want to help the digital collaboration between students? Peer feedback, breakout rooms and discussion forums are some ways of doing that. Stefan Hrastinski (professor at the unit for digital learning, KTH) gives his tips for methods and tools to use. Read more about communication and collaboration .  

You as a teacher can divide the students into smaller groups when they are to discuss a specific subject or interact in other activities or projects. 

Breakout rooms in Zoom 


Activate your students through polls, ask questions and allow the students to answer using either Mentimeter or the Poll-function in Zoom.  


Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool and digital system for interactive polls in real-time, where the participants use an automatically generated code to vote in multiple choice questions or write their own answers. As a teacher you can use it in presentations or in education, both in the classroom or in Zoom-held classes.  

Mentimeter, presentation and quiz tools as LTI-app in Canvas  

Agreement and license-information about Mentimeter at KTH 

Polls in Zoom 

See how you can use Polls in Zoom .

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