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Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms is a function alongside the main web meeting. As a teacher you can divide the students into smaller groups when they are supposed to discuss a specific topic or to interact in other activities or projects. It is possible to create up to 50 breakout rooms at once.

Video: Webinar "Zoom in educational settings" 

Start the video at 24:12:00 to reach the part where breakout rooms are explained. From Lunch 'n' Learn 2020-03-24.

To get started with creating breakout rooms

Follow these steps

  1. Sign in to your Zoom-account on Zoom's homepage.
  2. Go to Settings.
    Screenshot Zoom's homepage. Settings in the menu is highlighted.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced settings and make sure Breakout room is activated.
    Screenshot Zoom's Settings with Breakout room turned on and highlighted.
  4. The next time you are hosting a Zoom meeting you have access to Breakout rooms at the bottom of the panel. 
    Screenshot Zoom meeting with Breakout Room button in the bottom menu highlighted.
  5. When you share your screen you find Breakout rooms in the More menu. 
    Screenshot Zoom meeting screenshare, the "more" menu open at the top of the screen.
  6. Click to start using Breakout rooms. It shows participants, how many rooms you wish to create and lets you choose to automatically or manually create the rooms. Click Create Rooms to begin.
    Screenshot Zoom meeting with Breakout Room pop-up. "Create rooms" button highlighted.
  7.  Move your marker over a breakout room to rename or delete the room. Click Assign to manually assign students. Click their names and choose Assign again. Repeat this procedure for each breakout room. 
    Screenshot Breakout Rooms administration pop-up.
  8.  Click Open All Rooms.
  9. Your students are now being redirected into Breakout Rooms. As a host or co-host you can join one Breakout Room at a time, broadcast a message to everybody and assign another room for a specific student. When 1 minute remains the participants will be informed and asked if they want to return to the main session.
  10. As a host you can reopen all rooms after they are closed which is useful if you have a very long lecture for instance.
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