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Education activities with Zoom

You can use Zoom for a variety of educational activities, including digital lectures, and have different arrangements for test and examinations.

Hybrid teaching

During hybrid teaching, the class consists of students participating both digitally from a distance and in class face-to-face. Find out more about technical, pedagogical as well as pandemic related advice in relation to hybrid teaching.

Hybrid teaching – Classroom teaching with Zoom


Lecture hall equipment at KTH

View information regarding which lecture halls you can use for hybrid teaching, and instructions on using the equipment in these halls.

Permanent video conference systems at KTH

Hybrid workshop - Test and discuss hybrid teaching

During the fall semester of 2021, there will be opportunities for teachers to try out and test the technology in the lecture halls and their setup.

Hybrid workshop – Test and discuss hybrid teaching

Examination with Zoom

Zoom may be used for different types of examinations.

Examination with Zoom presence

Zoom presence – a better way to conduct Zoom exams

Video: Webinar "Zoom in educational settings"

Video in English. From Lunch 'n' Learn 2020-03-24.

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