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Zoom and hybrid teaching

The following web pages contain tips and information with regard to using Zoom when teaching, during various types of educational activities and situations. Either when all students participate over distance using digital technology, or through a synchronous hybrid arrangement, where some students participate over distance and others physically.

Make your lectures in Zoom more lively!

Many students experience difficulty following Zoom lectures and as a teacher it can be tricky to get that energy that can otherwise be found in the physical classroom. Gottfried Gemzell, Digital educator at KTH, shares his tips: Create engagement in your lectures at Zoom!

(The webinar is held in Swedish)

Education activities with Zoom

You can use Zoom for various education activities, ranging from digital lectures to different types of examination.

Education activities with Zoom

Hybrid teaching

During hybrid teaching students participate through a synchronous hybrid arrangement, where some students partake over distance and others physically in the lecture hall. Read more on technical and pedagogical advice, relating to the pandemic as well as arrangements for hybrid teaching.

Hybrid teaching – Classroom teaching with Zoom

Interactivity in teaching

With breakout rooms and polls, teachers can create a more interactive educational experience for their students.

Create interactivity in class – methods and digital tools

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